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Coalville Triathlon Club National Relays Entry


Hi All, It's time to sort out he club relays 2019! We had an amazing time last year with all racing and camping etc..

For those who haven't done this it's for ALL abilities.. It's teams of 4, you swim 500M, tagging the next swimmer, when all 4 have swam then the last swimmer tags the first cyclist, cycling 4 flat laps of the lake, then the last cyclist tags the first runner until all 4 have ran 5k 1 lap of lake...

It's on Saturday 24th August at Nottingham Watersports Centre (Bank Holiday weekend).. It's £164 per team £41 each but the club will subside £11 per club member so £30 each! BARGAIN!!

It's amazing fun, no pressure, full support.. we'll be camping again and have the event shelter setup all day with refreshements! and then again in the evening!